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Harvardians unite!

I just would like to introduce myself. My name is Brandon and I am attending Harvard as well as most of you. I am a quiet yet passionate guy. I will be attending what is known as the Extension School. I hail from Southern Maryland. I enjoy writing, studying, and having fun on weekends while not particularly busy. I work a lot and really would like to meet as many other harvardians as possible. I believe that each of us brings something distinct to the community and we should revel in the fact that we have this chance of a lifetime. Moreover, I believe that it would be great to be able to socialize and have fun together.

I am in shock that I am actually attending Harvard, but as one of my professors told put it, " If you don't go, I will have you drawn out and quartered." I hope to have in-depth debates and talk with most of you about where you are originally from and moreover, what you hope to accomplish here.

My goal is to become a part of the student government. I also hope to put a passionate face of Harvard towards the community that we serve by organizing volunteerships. In time, in time... Well, I have other things to attend to... Have a wonderful day everyone!! See you all around the yard!

Brandon Ruse
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