chatterjoy87 (chatterjoy87) wrote in harvard09,

NAME: Joyce Zhang
LOCATION: West Bloomfield, Michigan
BIRTHDATE: February 24, 1987
HIGH SCHOOL: International Academy (public IB school)
HAIR COLOR: Brownish-black
HEIGHT: 5'6"
AIM: chatterjoy87
FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECTS: Most, depends on the teachers/people in class
POSSIBLE MAJOR: Not sure, economics, international relations, biology?
COLOR: Blue, ever since I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Leonardo was my hero
TV SHOWS: Simpsons, Will and Grace, Who's Line is it Anyways?, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, Justice League, Kim Possible (cartoons are great)
MOVIES: Any Disney movie especially the Lion King, The Sound of Music, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Closer, Gone with the Wind, Silence of the Lambs
SPORTS: Swimming, frisbee, biking
MUSIC: Anything Disney (A Whole New World especially), oldies (Buttercup Baby is the best), anything fun to sing to, some C-pop (Jay Chou), K-pop and French music, especially KYO
GAMES: Final Fantasy 7, Legend of Dragoon, Cranium, Connect Four, Super Mario World
FOOD: Chinese, even though I eat it every day, Thai, Indian, Mexican sometimes, really like lobster and scallops
SEASON: Winter, but not too much of it. Sledding is great
BOOKS: Hart's Hope, Wheel of Time series, Chronicles of Narnia (read each about 4 times...should reread them again), Wuthering Heights, Twelfth Night, I Capture the Castle, others but I forget

Going to China in a few days! Can't wait! Don't know at all what I want to do with my life, but now that I've graduated, I feel so free.

Is everyone bringing a sled if they have one? Or are we going to be stealing trays from the cafeteria to sled on? Those blow-up sleds work well, AND they can be used on the water. Watch out crew team! I want to go backpacking in Europe next year, all over the place, staying in youth hostals and maybe taking advantage of the Eurorail. World Cup in Germany, whoo! Anyone else going to watch some football?

IM me, I love to chat!
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