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hey there, beautiful people

Name: Jenny Malin
Location: Houston, TX
Birthdate: 12/21/86
High School: Clear Lake High School
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green/Grey/Blue
Height: 5'7''
AIM: rememberjuliet
MSN: Nope.
Favorite School Subjects: AP Art, Competition Theatre, AP English, AP Government, AP Statistics
Least Favorite School Subject: AP Physics
Possible Major: Film, Government, English, Psych, Make up one with theatre?
Color: Red
TV Shows: The West Wing (I live vicariously through the Bartlet administration), Random PBS stuff
Movies: A Very Long Engagement, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Casablanca, Breathless, Amelie, (as well as nearly any French movie.) Garden State, L.A. Story, Annie Hall
Sports: I like the gym but have very little coordination...however, I do really want to learn ballroom dancing when I come to Harvard.
Music: super eclectic...hippies are good, disonant jazz, italian opera, random pop and rock, rap if I feel like dancing, just nothing that makes my ears bleed or puts them to sleep with complacency (ie: not super metal or elevator music) I've seen in concert: DMB, Coldplay, Guster, Travis, Blind Boys of Alabama. Wish I could See in Concert: The Beatles, Paris Combo, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone
Board/Other Games: Cranium, Catchphrase, Theatre warm-ups
Food: Indian, Japanese, Thai, Cuban, Lobster.
Season: Autumn when the foliage is on fire
Books: Love in the Time of Cholera, Cold Mountain, Song of Solomon, The Family of Man (I know, it's a photography book), Plays!
Anything Else: I'm super into theatre all the time (acting mostly, but I love to direct). I also love writing poetry, taking photographs and watching movies. I thrive on long conversations, and I'm interested in politics and history. I just gave up my senior prom for the visiting weekend at Harvard, so dance with me! (Just kidding.)
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