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hey there, beautiful people

Name: Jenny Malin
Location: Houston, TX
Birthdate: 12/21/86
High School: Clear Lake High School
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green/Grey/Blue
Height: 5'7''
AIM: rememberjuliet
MSN: Nope.
Favorite School Subjects: AP Art, Competition Theatre, AP English, AP Government, AP Statistics
Least Favorite School Subject: AP Physics
Possible Major: Film, Government, English, Psych, Make up one with theatre?
Color: Red
TV Shows: The West Wing (I live vicariously through the Bartlet administration), Random PBS stuff
Movies: A Very Long Engagement, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Casablanca, Breathless, Amelie, (as well as nearly any French movie.) Garden State, L.A. Story, Annie Hall
Sports: I like the gym but have very little coordination...however, I do really want to learn ballroom dancing when I come to Harvard.
Music: super eclectic...hippies are good, disonant jazz, italian opera, random pop and rock, rap if I feel like dancing, just nothing that makes my ears bleed or puts them to sleep with complacency (ie: not super metal or elevator music) I've seen in concert: DMB, Coldplay, Guster, Travis, Blind Boys of Alabama. Wish I could See in Concert: The Beatles, Paris Combo, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone
Board/Other Games: Cranium, Catchphrase, Theatre warm-ups
Food: Indian, Japanese, Thai, Cuban, Lobster.
Season: Autumn when the foliage is on fire
Books: Love in the Time of Cholera, Cold Mountain, Song of Solomon, The Family of Man (I know, it's a photography book), Plays!
Anything Else: I'm super into theatre all the time (acting mostly, but I love to direct). I also love writing poetry, taking photographs and watching movies. I thrive on long conversations, and I'm interested in politics and history. I just gave up my senior prom for the visiting weekend at Harvard, so dance with me! (Just kidding.)
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love in times of cholera rocks! Cold Mountain and Song of Solomon are like my loves... you have awesome taste in books.
You gave up prom!? Damn, that's dedication right there.

I love theatre too. This past weekend was the Florida State Thespian Festival -- do you have anything like it in Texas? It was so great, 6000 drama kids all singing showtunes and acting and no one looking at us funny. :)
Yeah, we have one in Texas as well! (Back in January) It was a blast.
hi there!
haha everyone here seems to love cranium! someone should totally bring it w/ them!
hope to meet you at admit weekend! :-)
I want to do ballroom dancing too! I'm glad I won't be the only beginner. :-)