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Hey... I'm on the waitlist at Harvard, but I still wanna get a feel for the people attending and such... so, to be kind to your friends pages, I'll put my survey under the cut.  For now, though, it looks like I'm going to Brown.

Name: Adam
Location: Oyster Bay, NY
Birthdate: 3/22/87
High School: Oyster Bay High School (Home of the Baymen.... He's a fisherman in a rowboat, and you never see his face....)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6' 2
AIM: AdamKidabra
Favorite School Subject: AP Physics.  My teacher is amazing.
Least Favorite School Subject: AP Bio.  My teacher is far less engaging.  Fortunatly, she has not totally turned me off to the subject... I plan on being a Bio major.
Possible Concentration: See Above
Color: In terms of favorite or ethnicity?  Um, I'm white, but I like navy.
Television Shows: Simpsons, Lost, Family Guy
Movies: The Matrix, Contact, Monty Python's Life of Brian
Sports: To play: Fencing   To watch: Baseball
Band/Music Artist: Guster, Ben Folds, Dispatch, Frank Ticheli, Morten Lauridsen, Jonathan Dove, Yo Yo Ma... the list goes on and on
Board Game: Monopoly, Risk
Food: Hmmm..... Idk, I'm open to a lot.  I suddenly had a falafel craving, so I'm gonna put that for now.
Season: Each has its own happiness to it.  But the turn to Spring freakin' rocks.
Books: Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy); Fight Club (Chuck Palaniuk); The Green Mile, The Long Walk (Stephen King)
Anything Else: I run my own magic entertainment business (as Adam Kidabra....), I just finished up some cancer research as a Partner for the Future at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, I'm an All Eastern Honors Chorus participant (Bass II), uhhh that list goes on and on too... haha.

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